samedi 15 novembre 2008

Notre Dame. Temps gris.

A view of the Chevet de Notre Dame de Paris with a grey and rainy weather. 10,6x8,7 inches (27x22 cms).*

jeudi 13 novembre 2008

Institut de France and pont des Arts.

A painting of the pont des Arts and Institut nearby the island of la Cité in middle of Paris. 13x9,4 inches (33x24cm).*

vendredi 7 novembre 2008

Place des Vosges, le soir

I have painted this subject at the end of the day when the last rays of sunlight shine on front of the building.10.6x7.5 in (27x19 cm). *

jeudi 6 novembre 2008

Passerelle des Arts et le Louvre.

After raining , the bridge of Arts and Louvre museum in january. 10.6x8.7 inch (27x22 cm) vendu/sold

Ile Saint Louis en été


Institut. Automne.

When, in autumn, the light is in the trees ,the Dôme of the Institut seems to be very blue. 10.6x8.7 inch ( 27x22 cm) *

Le pont Marie

Le pont Marie in autumn. 10.6x8.7 inch ( 27x22 cm). *

La Seine au pont Marie.

The pont Marie is an old and very romantic bridge in the Isle Saint Louis . One of the both isles in the historic center of Paris. 10.6x8.7 inch ( 27x22 cm). *

Place Furstenberg.

A small and very charmfull little place in Paris. 10.6x8.7 inch ( 27x22 cm) *

Quais enneigés.

Notre Dame and le quai des Grands Augustins after snowing in februar. 10.6x8.7 inch (27x22 cm). *

Le Panthéon.

View of the Panthéon in a light spring morning. 8.7x6.3 inch ( 22x16 cm) *

La Sorbonne

School of the Sorbonne. Morning light. 8.7x6.3 inch ( 22x16 cm) *

Fontaine à Montmartre

Fountain in Montmartre. 8.7x6.3 inch ( 22x16 cm)*

Luxembourg. Automne. Sold.

Two women discusting in autumn. Luxembourg garden. 8.7x6.3 (22x16).*

mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Pont Marie. Temps gris. Sold.

Le Pont Marie in the Ile Saint Louis with a grey and winter weather. Size: 8,7x6.3 in ( 22x16 cm) *

Bateaux au Pont Neuf .

Le pont neuf on la rive gauche with boats in summer. 8,7x6,3 in (22x16 cm). *

La Seine au Louvre.

This painting représent le pavillon de Flore ( Louvre) near la Seine at the end of the day in winter.8,7x6,3 in ( 22x16 cm ) *